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Rejection letter reply

Hey guys,

Thank you for actually sending me a rejection letter. In a world where the default is just to do nothing, you have already risen up to the 1% of desirable companies to work for. I get why you may have rejected my application in that you are able to attract a large number of qualified people who are begging to work for you and you can have your pick. You deserve that privilege; it appears you are earning it daily.

If you have gone as far as sending me a rejection letter, I’m hoping I can convince you to take just one more step and let me know generally (or as specifically as your HR policy allows) what skills or attributes about me did not qualify for the open position. I understand from my friends and family that I may have some qualities that they endearingly call “quirky.” You may have seen these in my cover letter, résumé or online presence. I’m not for everyone, but as I only apply to open positions where I believe I am a match, the dissonance is a bit puzzling to me. Will you help me understand me better?

Thank you for the time you have given me already by reading and responding to my application and reading this response. I do hope I have convinced you that just a little more time in a reply is worth your time.



The next social media trend

I ran across this video by @dkny today where the Social Media Manager Aliza Licht, SVP of Global Communications for DKNY, plays the witty “DKNY PR Girl” persona. She posted it on her tumblr. I embedded it below.

With a lot of brands now getting comfortable with using personae to tweet and blog, I think the next step in this whole social media game is that they start pulling back the curtain and letting us see the real person behind the avatar.

The coming out video. The next social media trend.

Who does that?

“Who does that,” he asked? But that was not his real question. The answer to that question was simply Google for someone.

I was talking with an associate about an animated instructional video I had found that illustrated how to use a complicated product. The video boiled the product down into its basic functions and presented it clearly and concisely. He wanted an animated video for his product that was equally as complex.

His real question was:

“How do I find someone who knows what I need and want, won’t take me to the cleaners, won’t frustrate me by making me responsible for the tiny details of the project and will just handle it? How do I find someone I can trust?”

Be that person and you have a loyal client for life.

I named mine Gerard

I get a kick when pop culture recognizes the name “Gerard” because it happens so infrequently. Maybe it has something to do with the popularity of Gerard Butler.

From the few to choose from though, Raymond’s cousin Gerard remains my favorite character.

Last night on Big Bang Theory, Penny, Amy and Bernadette were talking about some “tension-relieving techniques for ladies that [Amy] has been perfecting over the years.” One of these techniques involved an electric toothbrush. Amy named hers Gerard.

Amy did not offer any details. We may have to do some additional character analysis and research, but I’m not terribly shocked that the name Gerard was chosen by a brainiac character as the ideal for the task at hand. Gerards have a long history of success with natural selection.

Why I will always return your call first

Accounting forwarded me this notecard that one of our soccer tournament customers sent with his invoice payment. It was in a notecard envelope with the address hand-written on the face.


Most people gripe about having to pay a bill, but we were being thanked as he was writing the check.

I immediately felt our product and service was appreciated and was seen as far more valuable than what we charge to use it.

That we were solving a problem that — without us — would be almost insurmountable.

That I was appreciated.

This is just one of the many reasons teams who attend his tournament have a great time, win or lose and they return year after year.

Thank you, Jeff.

This is just one reason I will always return your call first.